• 2014 Carla was awarded a Characters Unite/USA Universal Diversity Award
  • 2011 Carla was awarded Purpose Prize Fellowship
  • 2010 Carla was awarded the “Localmotive Award” from Local First Utah
  • 2009 Carla was awarded Wasatch Woman of the Year – Community Honoree from Wasatch Woman Magazine
  • 2009 HREC was awarded the Pete Suazo Social Justice Award for Community Education and Advocacy from the University of Utah College of Social Work
  • 2009 Carla was named Woman of the Year Award from Soroptimist International, Utah Chapter
  • 2007 Carla was awarded the Utah Woman of Achievement Award from the Utah Commission on Women and Children



In addition to teaching many children in Utah, HREC has accomplished the following and critically recognized community projects and recognition:

  • “That’s Not Okay”, Voices of Utah teenage victims of prejudice, (Theatrical Production) 2002
  • “Bang, Bang You’re Dead” – A play about school violence, 2003
  • “Interfaith Youth Together” – Workshops for Youth, 2004
  • Approved Anti-Bullying Educator, Utah State Board of Education, 2005
  • Facilitation: The Movie “CRASH”, A Dialogue YWCA Week Without Violence, 2006
  • Salt Lake County Peace Project, 2007



In the past 10 years, HREC has realized a number of important milestones. Included among our major accomplishments are:

  • Educating more than 30,000 youth since the organization began in 1999. (In 2008 alone, our educational programs and services reached more than 4,492 people across the state)
  • In 2006, the staff and Board of HREC were instrumental in getting the Utah Anti-Bullying Resolution passed during the legislative session
  • Receiving support from the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission to teach bullying prevention throughout Utah’s Native American reservations
  • Successfully producing two youth theatrical productions dealing with school violence – “Bang, Bang…You’re Dead” and “That’s Not O.K. – Voices of Teenage Victims of Violence”