Prejudice is born in ignorance. Equality is born in education.


The Human Rights Education Center of Utah (HREC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides bullying prevention and character and empathy education to youth and their leaders.  HREC also provides conversational leadership and cultural competency education to private businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, churches and non-profit organizations.  Since 1999, we have trained over 40,000 youth and many adults in a variety of settings.  At HREC we know that intolerance, bullying, exclusion, disrespect and violence are preventable behaviors through education.


Our Mission: Promoting Equality in Utah through Advocacy, Education and Civil Dialogue


Current Programs Include

  • STOP BULLYING UTAH, Prevention education for parents, educators and youth.
  • Equity and empathy education and training in schools and youth programs.
  • Tailored Participatory Synthesis Leadership Trainings for Professionals.
  • SENIORS for STORIES OF TOLERANCE, tales that matter.
  • INCLUSION ART WORKS, learning fairness and equity through the arts.
  • Empathy and character education training for incarcerated youth.
  • Cultural awareness workshops and breakout sessions for conferences.
  • Religious and secular tolerance and forgiveness education for youth and adults.
  • Conversational and Participatory Leadership Trainings.
  • Speaking engagements on topics of compassion, inclusion and introspection.

Recent Recognition

  • Characters Unite/USA Universal Diversity Award, 2014
  • Civic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellowship, 2011
  • LocalMotive Award, Local First Utah 2010
  • Soroptimist Making a Difference Award 2009
  • Wasatch Woman Magazine Catalyst for Caring Award 2009
  • University of Utah Pete Suazo Social Justice Award, 2009
  • Utah Women’s Achievement Award in 2007
  • Alliance for Unity Award in 2005

Our Supporters

  • B.W. Bastian Foundation
  • George S. and Delores Doré Eccles Foundation
  • Larry H. Miller Charitable Trust
  • O.C. Tanner Foundation
  • Eskuche Foundation
  • Salt Lake City Schools Community Foundation
  • Doctorow Foundation
  • And many, many community partners and members

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