Cyberbullying Defined


Cyberbullying Defined


“Willful and repeated harm inflicted up others through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.”

  • Willful  The behavior has to be deliberate, not accidental
  • Repeated  Bullying reflects a pattern of behavior, not just one incident
  • Harm  The target must perceive that harm has been inflicted
  • Computers, cell phones and other electronic devices:  This is what differentiates cyberbullying from traditional bullying

The Dangers of Cyberbullying

  • It can be anonymous.
  • It is VIRAL.  Like any disease it can spread insidiously to large groups of people.
  • It is much easier to be mean and cruel using technology.
  • Youths do not understand the destructive consequences.

-Cyberbullying Research Center

How Cyberbullying is Experienced

  • Receiving an email with negative content
  • Instant messaging with what is negative
  • A negative post on a social networking site
  • Making “fun” of someone in a chat room
  • Harmful post on a WEB site
  • Undesirable and/or untrue texting
  • Production of YouTube specifically to harm another