Golden Rule

It is only with your generosity that we are able to reach thousands of children each year.

Since 1999, HREC has worked tirelessly to end juvenile bullying and other forms of violence, intimidation and bias. We do this by working directly with youth and community organizations — helping them build the skills necessary to challenge prejudice and discrimination. Each year, we reach more than 4,000 kids — promoting character education and teaching anti-bias and anti-bullying programs. With your help, we can do much more!

Together, we can create a community where every child feels safe, every person is valued and all people are treated with respect.

Practicing The Golden Rule is not a sacrifice, it is an investment. Won’t you invest with us today?

Thank you!


“My hope is that people will donate to the Human Rights Education Center of Utah (HREC) because right now, this minute, some kid is being unmercifully bullied.”
—Angie Elegante, Teacher
Northwest Middle School

If you'd like to donate by mail, please send a check to:
Human Rights Education Center of Utah
5565 South Willow Lane #A
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

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