HREC offers a number of services that work with both youth and adults. Click on any of the following services to find out more.


No Bully Beat

An exciting and engaging program that uses drumming to encourage communication about bullying

Curriculum Development

Curriculum for teaching kindness, compassion, bullying prevention and conflict resolution

Classroom Instruction

Bring an HREC facilitator to your classroom to teach any of our curriculum to your students

Teacher Training

Bring an HREC facilitator to your teachers for a multitude of training’s, programs and workshops

After-School Programs

After school programs that are fun for kids, while teaching acceptance, compassion, and conflict resolution


We have a variety of workshops that can be used as is or be customized to fit the needs of your group

Inclusion Artworks

Using the arts to encourage youth and adults to work together, solve problems and express themselves

Juvenile Justice

Working with youth in the legal system to encourage behaviors that can break the cycle and keep them from repeat offense

Forgiveness Workshops in a Secular Setting

Providing training,education and settings to encourage conversation and healing in secular settings

Community Outreach

Working with the community to provide training’s, activities and discussions that encourage kindness and unity

Cultural Competency

Teaching conversational methods and providing activities that assist people in interacting effectively with people of different cultures